The purpose of the Australian Space Olympics is to bring the excitement and atmosphere of the Aerospace and Space Industry to Australian students. Students will have the opportunity to meet practising space scientists, engineers. The events use the application of knowledge and skills to allow students to explore careers including scientist, engineer in the aerospace, space, biological science, medicine and high technology industries. The event will develop the student’s critical and creative thinking skills in a space rich environment though the exciting wrapping paper of Space Exploration. The Australian Olympics will be judged by leading Australian and International space scientist and engineers, including Russian space expert Mr Aleksandar Martynov, former Mission Control Director for Rocket and Space Corporation Energia. Students whose presentations are chosen as winners will receive special prizes and will have their projects published in the International Space Olympics Journal.


Space Olympics

• Present technical, economic and social projects. Any subject matter connected with the field of Space Exploration may be used

• Take part in competitions involving physics, mathematics and computer science

• Meet career models, Australians working in the space industry

• Enjoy the discover of how Australia is working in Space

The launch site to your place in space


Anne Brumfitt Awarded Space Medal Continued from cover page:

Anne has been awarded the 2009 International Astronautics Federation F.J. Malina Medal for excellence in Space and Aerospace Education ( Since the Awards inception in 1986, Anne is the first living woman to receive this award. In space science education it is rarely possible to not encounter the name Anne Brumfitt the founding architect for the education program of the European Space Agency. A teacher or professor can touch lives in a classroom of at best 100 students per year. Anne Brumfitt has touched the lives of thousands of school children and tertiary students with her space science education work. She can be found active on the advisory boards of the Space Science Education Centres, throughout the world.


She has been active not just as a professional in space science education but also in a voluntary capacity. Her voluntary work lead to ESA Scientist writing and publishing a comic book for teenagers on Hugen’s mission with Anne Brumfitt (in the ESA publication she appears as Aunty Ann) as the central character. The publication has been so successful it has been printed in 17 languages. “Space is an exciting vehicle for children to get interested in science technology engineering and mathematics. Space give these study areas ‘street cred’”, said Anne.


In 2006 Anne Brumfitt was invited by His Excellency the Governor General of Australia Major General Michael Jeffery, to coach the first Australian team to the International Space Olympics in Korolev, Russia. Anne’s space science skills positioned the Australian team to facilitate the team winning the sought after Cosmonauts Prize in Space Research, the gold medal in space research, and gold medal in space literature. In 2007 she coached the Australian team to further successes.


She organizes for schools around the world the opportunity for students to fly their art work in the form of mission patches to the edge of space from the Woomera Rocket Range. In 2007 over four thousand students from Australia, Russia, Germany, UK and The Netherlands had their art space flown. The space flights  included children’s Teddy Bear cosmonauts.


Congratulations Anne from all the team at Space Qualified.