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Teddy Bear Cosmonauts make Triumphant Return from Edge of Space

It was with some trepidation that our Australian bear cosmonauts climbed into their capsule for their maiden flight. Lifting off at 1234 Hours the launch and flight were perfect in every way. The cosmonaut bears were retrieved safe and well after a perfect touch down. “Our training paid off it was a text book flight. We are very pleased to play a part in our nation’s space scientific program.  Our mission aim was demonstrate that teddy bears can safely endure the 68 times force of gravity on lift off was possible. Imagine this as a teddy bear being sat on by 68 children all at the same time. Today Cosmonauts Yuri and Alexi have shown that space is safe for teddy bears.” Said, Sergei, Mission Commander at the post space flight debriefing.


The fourth rocket with its payload of mission patches drawn by children from around the world made a similar successful flight and return. “This is an exciting day for all children and their teddy bears. We have flown mission patches by children from as far off as Europe to Oceania. We anticipate to conduct more flights in 2008 in collaboration with UNESCO and other strategic partners. We hope all children will join this adventure into space science”. Said Mission Director Professor Lachlan Thompson, RMIT University.


The Teddy Bear Cosmonaut space project was the creation of Anne Brumfitt former education consultant to the European Space Agency Directorate of Space Science. “The success of the program is due to the volunteer work of the Australian Space Research Institute, Scouts Australia and RMIT University. Their time and effort is much appreciated and has opened space science to young children around the world.” Said Ms Brumfitt, Project Commissioner Scouts Australia.


Sergei, Alexi and Yuri, the three Teddy Bear Cosmonauts returned safely successful from their mission Z93 rocket flight to the edge of space at Woomera. Flight Z89 and Z93 were  two of the four launches over the space week window from the famous Woomera Rocket Range. The launches were not without drama. On the first day Saturday. Zuni rocket Z89 lifted off at 1100 hours,  travelling at 2.5 times the speed of sound with the first payload of 24 miniature Sputnik satellites. After attaining an perfect apogee of 7.5 km over the red Australian desert the recovery parachute failed to deploy despite this cosmonaut  Sergei and his payload made a safe but hard landing. Sunday the 30th September mission Z94 was launched. Again the rocket reached a perfect Apogee of over 7 km. On descent a malfunction of the recovery system caused an impact with the ground of enormous force burying the rocket three metres below the desert. Scientists are considering how to make a recovery of the remains.

Sergei home safe talks to SQ of his daring mission to space.