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For Venturer Scouts and Guides who want a challenge!


2009 International Space Olympics

Venturer Scouts and Guides ages 14 to 18 years

Australian Contingent

Korolev City Moscow, Russia

Dates 15th-27th October 2009


Launch Yourself into Space


Experience what its like to apply to be a cosmonaut or astronaut. Scouts Australia and Guides Australia have been invited to send a joint team to the 16th international Space Olympics competition attracting teams from Russia, the USA, Greece, Europe, United Kingdom and for the first time Australia. The International Space Olympics is an exciting opportunity for our youth to put their brains against the brightest, highly motivated young Scientists and Engineers of the future.


The International Space Olympics, an annual competition for young people aged from 14 to 18. The events are: mathematics, physics and computer science and a space related project. Competition is notoriously tough. Note Art,

History, Literature and Debating skills are of high value to the Contingent for the project.


In 2006 the ten youth member team of Australian Guides and Venturers won the prestigious Cosmonauts Prize, Gold and Silver in Space Research, Gold in Space Literature. Plus all of the ten member team finished in the top 30 of 257 competitors and enjoyed an unforgettable experience, including visits to Russian Mission Control and a tour of the Space Corporation Rocket Museum.


The Guides in the 2007 Australian Team won silver in Space Technology Research, plus two Bronze, Gold and Silver in Space Literature, with overall finish for all events combined of 6th, 8th and 13th.


The purpose of the Annual International Space Olympics is to stimulate youth to develop their critical and creative thinking skills and to increase their knowledge of Space Exploration. The competition will be judged by leading Russian scientists and cosmonauts. The Scouts and Guides whose presentations are chosen as winners will receive special prizes and will have their projects published in a science journal.